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We have a huge range of tunes available in various styles. You can listen to all the tunes available by clicking on any of the links below.

We offer 3 main tune styles, Harmony 64 digital, Reuge Romance Analogue Clockwork and Inventron Kiddie Kall tunes.

You can choose any tunes to go with your chime. You can even mix and match tunes from each style. The choice, is yours.

If you have a jingle or a custom tune, or If you can't see a particular tune you had in mind, get in touch, we can put this on a chime for you!

PLEASE NOTE: The Tunes listed below are only low quality samples of the original tunes. They are designed to give you an idea of what the particular tune will sound like. The actual tune you will receive on your chime are high quality, full-length tunes.

Click the links below to listen.


The Harmony 64 Electronic tunes are our most popular style of tune. This style of tune is the original digital chime, developed as an alternative to the Clockwork chimes.


This style of tune is the classic analogue clockwork, wind-up movements used in the original chimes. These are exact digitized copies of the original Reuge Romance clockwork movements, so they sound exactly the same. The only difference? There's no winding up, still digital, still solid-state. If you want that classic sound, these are the ones to go for.


A range of tunes designed to sound like the classic clockwork chimes with a modern up-to-date sound.


A selection of custom created tunes in various styles that are unique and deviate from the traditional sound. This style is more suited to vending types other than ice cream.


Maybe you're looking for something different or you want something completely unique or specific to your vending type, occasion or venue? We have a wide range of sound effects that can be used soley or as a compliment to another tune or tunes. Furthermore, you can use a handbell sound effect after 1900hrs!